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TruBit Card - FAQ (Mexico)
TruBit Card - FAQ (Mexico)
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1.- Is TruBit Card a credit card?

The TruBit Card is a guaranteed credit card, that is, you will need to have a balance (which serves as a guarantee for the card) in order to make purchases with it. It has the backing of Mastercard, which makes it offer the best coverage at a national and international level.

2.- How do I get the 5% Bitcoin Cashback?

The Bitcoin Cashback is generated each time you pay for your purchases or services with the TruBit Card (See Terms and Conditions).

3.- Does the TruBit Card generate any kind of annuity?

The TruBit Card does not generate any kind of annual fee.

4.- Where can I purchase with the TruBit Card?

With the TruBit Card you can make purchases both in physical establishments and in online stores worldwide since it has the support of Mastercard.

5.- Can I pay for the services with the TruBit Card, for example, Netflix?

Yes, you can make the payment of your preferred services with the TruBit Virtual Card, which is available within the TruBit app.

6.- Can I withdraw money from ATMs?

Yes, having the support of Mastercard you can withdraw at any ATM of any bank. The maximum amount of withdrawal per day will depend on the Bank where you make the withdrawal.

7.- Does the cash withdrawal at an ATM generate any commission?

TruBit Card does not generate any type of commission for withdrawal, however, you must consider that the bank where you make the withdrawal will charge you a commission for using the ATM and the amount depends on each Bank.

8.- Where and how long is the Bitcoin CashBack that I generate every time I use my TruBit Card reflected?

The Bitcoin Cashback that you have generated during the week will be distributed in your balance on Friday at 00:00 (see Terms and Conditions).

9.- Is there a cost for the virtual card?

No, the TruBit Virtual Card is free of charge.

10.- How do I recharge my TruBit Card?

There are two methods to recharge your TruBit Card:

11.- If I don't have MMXN, USDT or BTC, but I have other cryptocurrencies, can I use them to activate my TruBit Card?

Yes, you can do SWAP for any of these cryptocurrencies from the TruBit Wallet application itself, it is very easy to do so, if you want to know how to convert your cryptos, see the following article Convert your Cryptos into TruBit Wallet

12. What cryptocurrencies can I make purchases with using the TruBit Card?

Currently we have more than 20 Cryptocurrencies available within TruBit Wallet with which you can make purchases or pay for services (BTC, USDT, XRP, MMXN, USDC and ETH).

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us HERE and we'll be in touch!

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