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Formula for Contract Trading Fee: Trading Fee = Amount x Trading Fee Rate


Trader A buys 100 amount of BTCUSDT contracts with a Market order.

Trader B sells 100 amount of BTCUSDT contracts with a Limit order.

  1. Market Order will charge Taker Fee for Trader A = 100 × 0.04% = 4 USDT Hence, when the order filled, Trader A will pay a 4 USDT Taker's fee.

  2. Limit order will charge Maker fee for Trader B = 100 × 0.02% = 2 USDT Hence, when the order filled, Trader B will pay a 2 USDT Maker’s fee.

If you use BTC or ETH as margin, you can convert USDT value to BTC or ETH market value then you will get the cost of the trading fee.

If your monthly trading volume is more than 2,000 BTC or you are any level of VIP of other platforms, please contact us, we will provide a bespoke service for VIP clients.

MMXN Trading pair transaction fee

*If your transaction volume of MMXN is over 5,000,000 MMXN per month, you can contact us for a special discount on your MMXN trading pair transaction fees.

Note: If there are any changes to the fee structure, we will inform all the users.

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