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With TruBit Pro, you can use your leadership and influence in the crypto community to generate real profits!

Are you an influencer or community leader in cryptocurrency, forex or traditional stock market trading? or Are you passionate about cryptocurrencies? The TruBit Pro Affiliate Program is for you. Generate extra income through your network of communities and followers. Why choose us?

  • Attractive % of commissions "Revenue share": Earn some % of the commissions derived from the operations of your direct affiliates and sub-affiliates.

  • Custom Dashboard: Manage and monitor your total earnings at any time.

  • Agile Payments: We value your effort, so your commissions will be paid daily and you will not have to wait to have them available.

  • Global Connection: Network with like-minded people at world-class cryptocurrency events.

  • Exclusive Support: Our customer service team and specialized advisors will be available to you and you can contact them through various options, which will allow you to provide better support to your community.

  • Sub-Affiliates: Take advantage of your connections and obtain greater profits by placing sub-affiliates, who can invite their communities, channels or networks to join TruBit Pro. You will have the power to assign the "Revenue share" for your sub-affiliates. affiliates and thus determine how much you want to earn for being a "Top-Affiliate".

  • Extra incentives for your community: We know that you will need incentives to develop your strategy to attract direct referrals and sub-affiliates so you can have access to trading bonuses, discount coupons on commissions, airdrops and more.


  1. Who can join the TruBit Pro Affiliate Program?

    • TikTok/YouTube vloggers, crypto community leaders, and other content creators who want to promote TruBit Pro on their channels, networks, and communities.

    • Crypto market websites, crypto tools, specialized media and other websites related to cryptocurrencies and trading.

    • Marketing professionals, institutions and organizations.

  2. How do I earn commissions through the TruBit Pro Affiliate Program

    As a TruBit Pro affiliate, you can invite your friends, family, fans, followers, and anybody else who might be interested in joining the cryptocurrency ecosystem by using your referral links. You will receive commissions from their trading rates on spot operations or perpetual contracts.

  3. Is there an Affiliate Panel and how can I access it?

    Yes, after accepting your application as part of our "Top Affiliates", we will provide you with special access to our affiliate panel.

  4. What can I track on my TruBit Pro Affiliate Dashboard?

    With the Affiliate Panel, you can view the commissions generated by your direct referrals and your sub-affiliates, know your number of direct referrals, etc.

    It will allow you to join sub-affiliates and assign their “Share Revenue”.

Start your journey with us today and have the possibility to monetize your influence on social networks and community with the TruBit Pro Affiliate Program.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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