Euler Finance (EUL)
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Euler Finance (EUL) - The cryptocurrency focused on lending and for users who want to borrow.

  • Euler Finance (EUL) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on the digital lending business.

  • Lenders can deposit assets into a pool in Euler Finance in exchange for ERC-20 "eTokens".

  • Their token, is ERC-20 governance and is compatible with the Ethereum network, so they have a say in future decisions.

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What is Euler Finance (EUL)?

Euler Finance stands out in the cryptocurrency arena by enabling users to lend and borrow cryptoassets. Its main differentiator from other DeFi lending protocols, such as Aave or Compound, roots in its risk-based asset tiering system. This system is designed to mitigate the risks common in decentralized lending, particularly when it comes to illiquid or volatile assets.

Users who wish to lend on Euler Finance can deposit their assets into a pool. In return, they receive ERC-20 "eTokens", representing their participation in the pool. These tokens can be redeemed at any time, allowing lenders to recoup their investment plus interest earned. On the other hand, borrowers can withdraw liquidity from this pool, with a commitment to repay it plus interest.

A notable feature of Euler Finance is the option of depositing "protected collateral ", which is safeguarded and not used for lending. In addition, Euler Finance introduces a number of innovations in the DeFi space, such as dynamic interest rates, multi-collateralized stability funds, risk-adjusted lending and a variety of other decentralized financial products.

Euler Finance (EUL): What makes you different and why invest?

The Euler Governance Token, or EUL, is an ERC-20 governance token compatible with the Ethereum blockchain network. Users holding EUL have a say in the future decisions and direction of Euler Finance, as well as in the distribution of EUL.

The Euler token (EUL) is also distributed to borrowers in select markets on its platform. But also, Euler Finance (EUL) is already available on exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets.

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