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TruBit Pro presents a comprehensive copy trading functionality. This innovative feature allows users not just to follow the footsteps of experienced traders, but also provides an in-depth analysis of the trading patterns, statistics, and records of each lead trader. Here’s a succinct overview of how you can navigate this feature.

1. A Deep Dive into the Lead Trader’s Profile

  • Avatar & Nickname: By default, your avatar shows the initial of your Nickname, displayed in randomly assigned colors for easy identification. Your nickname originates from your registered email or phone, but you have the flexibility to customize it.

  • Basic Details: Introduce yourself in the 'About Me' section and share your trading style. Decide your profit-sharing, track your followers and the number of traders you're subscribed to, monitor your trading days, and manage your assets.

  • Performance Metrics: Get real-time insights on your ROI, PNL, MDD, and Win Rate.

  • Timeframe Flexibility: Analyze performance trends over the last 7, 30, or 90 days.

  • Detailed Statistics: Delve deep into metrics such as your 30-day profit-to-loss ratio, average duration of trades, and trading frequency.

  • Visual Stats: Use the Statistics Tab to understand your profit trends and daily earnings visually.

  • Current & Historical Trades: Understand current trading directions and timings while also diving deep into the archives of your past trades for reflection and improvement.

2. Guidelines for Copiers

  • Current Following: Get a snapshot of the trader's profile, engagement metrics, pool insights, basic information, and real-time trading positions.

  • Historical Overview: This offers a deeper dive into past trading records, trade details, and a history of joined pools.

  • Records & Settings: Access a ledger-style view of all financial dealings and manage your subscription preferences to traders.

3. Features of TruBit Pro's Copy Trading

✅ Unique Business Model

  • Adopt a complete follow-order mode, similar to traditional mutual fund kind of asset management trading, with final profit settlement.

  • Once you join, you're in the capable hands of our lead traders. Relax and watch the action until they wrap things up with a settlement.

  • Think of it as a thrilling project investment, where your potential profits keep evolving in real-time.

💫 Trade Smart: Stability, Profit, and Strategy

  • Experience a stable system resilient against market volatility.

  • As a Lead Trader, not only do you share in the profits, but you also earn from transaction fees, thanks to your dedicated copiers.

  • As a Copier, you get a two-fold advantage: share in profits and discover diverse winning strategies from top-tier Lead Traders.

🌐 Extensibility

  • Future-ready: Adaptable to diverse copy trading models for expanded transaction options.

4. Benefits of TruBit Pro's Copy Trading

1) For Beginners in Contract Trading:

  • Effortlessly adopt the trading strategies of leading traders.

  • Replicate trades with a simple one-click button.

  • Rely on expert lead traders for trade strategies and investment amounts.

  • Broaden your knowledge with diverse operations by market professionals.

  • A dual-benefit platform: gain valuable crypto insights and earn profits.

2) For Lead Traders:

  • Step up and create investment pools for others to copy.

  • Earn from both your initial investment and commissions when others copy your trading strategies.

3) For Copiers:

  • Enjoy the flexibility to preview and choose suitable investment pools.

  • Benefit from successful investment pools and maximize returns.

  • Learn diverse strategies from leading crypto traders.

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