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Differences between Unacknowledged Charge and Controversy
Differences between Unacknowledged Charge and Controversy
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We at TruBit want you to have a wonderful purchasing experience. As a result, we can assist you in the event that you have issues with your card transactions. A vocabulary of terms and requirements for reporting and resolving card process-related issues is provided below:

What is an Unrecognized Charge?

Unrecognized Charge: This happens when the owner of a TruBit Card disputes a transaction that was conducted using it but which the owner DOES NOT ACCEPT as having been completed.

What is a Controversy?

A dispute arises when the owner of the TruBit Card acknowledges making a transaction but raises issues with the merchant, such as duplicate charges, mishandled returns, etc. The merchant resolves the dispute by adjusting the charge in the owner's favor, but the change is not shown in his TruBit account.

Do you want to file a claim for an Unrecognized Charge or Dispute?

The claim procedure can be completed via Customer Service Live Chat or by emailing [email protected], Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. It is also advised that you take into account the following Policies.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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