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TruBit Card Dispute and Unrecognized Charges Policy
TruBit Card Dispute and Unrecognized Charges Policy
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TruBit Card Dispute and Unrecognized Charges Policy

  1. Users who wish to file claims for unrecognized charges or disputes on the TruBit Card will follow the procedures and guidelines set out by TruBit to ensure that their claims are resolved as best they can.

  2. For the purposes of reporting any unrecognized charge or dispute, you must present the following information:

    • Proof of the original transaction. (Screenshot)

    • The date of the transaction.

    • The amount of the transaction.

    • The amount for which the Dispute or unrecognized charge is requested.

    • Proof of Claim to the business. (Screenshot)

    • A clear explanation of the reason(s) for the request for the dispute or unrecognized charges, which must match one or more of the reasons listed in this Policy's Origin of Disputes and Unrecognized Charges section.

  3. The relevant system validations will be completed by the TruBit team. If the report is approved after the information has been verified, a response will be sent no later than 30 calendar days.

  4. The cost of the research done by the Master Card area is $200.00 MXN, TAX included. There won't be any expenses for you if the inquiry finds that the refund is justified. The cost of the inquiry ($200.00 MXN) will be charged to your Wallet account if the investigation's findings indicate that the refund is not appropriate.

The claim procedure can be completed via Customer Service Live Chat or by emailing [email protected], Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. It is also advised that you take into account the following Policies.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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