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Memecoin (MEME)
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Memecoin (MEM) - The meme cryptocurrency that has seen the most growth over the past year.

  • Memecoin (MEME) is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in recent times, innovating the meme explorer system.

  • Memecoin (MEME) uses a memetic asset protocol, a synthetic asset that makes the perceived value of the trending crypto rather than an underlying asset.

  • It is the native token of the Memeland platform, focused on web3 and developed by 9GAG.

Key Metrics Memecoin (MEME)

Current Price


Market Cap

8,797,500,000 MEME

Circulating Supply

69,000,000,000 MEME

Total supply

69,000,000,000 MEME

Maximum Supply

69,000,000,000 MEME

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What is Memecoin (MEME)?

Memecoin (MEME), an ERC-20 token, is used in growth pools to encourage network expansion through various rewards, such as incentives for user participation, airdrops for the startup community, and developer grants. This token is also used in the creation of cards, the purchase of meme tokens on specialized marketplaces and transactions through Uniswap.

Each mToken represents a specific meme. These mTokens are purchased, exchanged and traded on specialized platforms known as Meme Markets. On these platforms, Memecoin can be exchanged for different types of mTokens (such as mDOG, mPEPE, mWOJAK) through a mechanism known as a token linking curve. This process allows for seamless conversion between Memecoin and various mTokens, reflecting the dynamics and fluctuating popularity of memes in the market.

If we can make a comparison, Memecoin (MEME) is within the market of PEPE, LADYs and of course Dogecoin.

Memecoin (MEME): What makes you different and why invest?

The Memecoin (MEME) platform offers a unique and entertaining experience, incentivizing users to share memes in exchange for rewards. This meme asset platform,, values memes as synthetic assets, whose value is based on their popularity and trend, rather than an underlying tangible asset.

Users can earn rewards using MEM, the platform's native token, for various activities such as upgrades, content creation and meme token purchases. Meme tokens represent an investment in the popularity of a specific meme.

How works is explained in its whitepaper. Users can earn Memecoin by activating their memes on the platform in exchange for a small fee. In addition, there is the possibility for other merchants to buy these memes, generating more rewards for the original creator.

Rewards in Memecoin (MEME) can be earned in a number of ways, including participating in Memecoin which awards Meme Art NFTs, contributing to the Memecoin marketplace, identifying potential trends, and holding MEM in various marketplaces to balance demand.

Community and Social Channels of Memecoin (MEME)

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