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Big Time (BIGTIME)
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Big Time (BIGTIME) - The native cryptocurrency of the class-based RPG video game Big Time

  • Big Time is an RPG type video game, which shows an action gameplay, and where players will be able to choose their best class to play.

  • Within the game there is a local currency called BIGTIME, a cryptocurrency that is used to buy Loot and various in-game perks.

  • Although you can get BIGTIME by playing the game, you can also buy it directly in several cryptocurrency exchanges

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What is Big Time (BIGTIME)?

Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer RPG game that uses Blockchain technology to offer rewards in the form of NFTs and tokens when players defeat their opponents. Participants have the opportunity to collect in-game items and tokens, generate NFTs and share them with their friends. It is, without a doubt, a game that seeks to stand out in the Play-to-Earn category.

Big Time aspires to be one of today's leading NFT games, with the potential to establish itself as the premier free-to-play multiplayer RPG title, offering adventurous and engaging gameplay for gaming fans.

Given its Free-to-Play model, in the future it could have a vast community that will drive and strengthen the game's economy.

Most of the in-game economy is made thanks to the Big Time currency (BIGTIME), which can be earned by playing or buying it on cryptocurrency platforms such as TruBit, and then transferring it directly to your in-game account to obtain more advantages.

Big Time (BIGTIME): What makes it different and why invest?

The $BIGTIME token is the main cryptocurrency powering the Big Time economy. $BIGTIME was launched fairly, with no allocations to the team or investors. The main way to obtain BIGTIME will be through in-game activities.

The maximum issue of BIGTIME tokens is 5,000,000,000,000, and most will be obtained through in-game Hourglasses. But it will also be possible to perform in-game actions such as killing enemies, completing quests or overcoming in-game dungeons in the RPG.

But thanks to a considerable increase within its community, Big Time (BIGTIME) can be transferred directly from a player's wallet, so the 'Free-to-Play' spirit begins to change at some in-game moments, such as important events.

Big Time (BIGTIME) tokens cannot be exchanged in-game or through its internal market. However, since $BIGTIME is a cryptocurrency, players have the option to transfer it from Open Loot to their own crypto wallets. Once the transfer is done, players are free to conduct all typical cryptocurrency operations, including trading or transferring it as they wish.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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