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TruBit Pro Grid Trading Risk Warning
TruBit Pro Grid Trading Risk Warning
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Thank you for using TruBit Pro Grid Trading Tool.

Grid trading is a strategic tool that enables selling high and buying low within a price range by automatically submitting orders. Once grid trading is enabled, the system will place pending orders according to the price and amount of funds set by the user, and whether the pending orders are filled depends on the market price fluctuations.

By agreeing and confirming to this agreement, user authorizes TruBit Pro to open a grid trading sub-account and create an API for grid trading purpose. Grid trading bot will automatically fetch user's API to place and execute the Grid orders. Grid trading related transactions will be carried out in the sub-account too.

It is recommended that users read and understand the grid trading tutorial thoroughly before performing any trading actions, taking into account their actual risk tolerance.

The user can take the initiative to terminate the grid trading or cancel the system pending orders, the system will not repeat the pending orders after canceling the pending orders.

Grid trading does not constitute any investment advices or investment recommendations, the use of grid trading tool is the user's own voluntary action, user agrees to indemnify TruBit Pro for the result of any profit and/or loss through the use of the grid trading bot.

It's user's sole responsibility to check the grid trading bot status to make sure the bot is running within the pre-set price range. If user's bot runs out of the price range continuously for 7 days, our system will automatically cancel the bot in order to prevent any potential losses.

User further understands and agrees that when due to fortuitous events or force majeure, TruBit Pro may temporarily or permanently close or cancel the trading bot of the Users and terminate any unfinished transactions, in any case trying to safeguard the rights and interests of the Users.

If TruBit Pro declares a contingency situation, the operating mechanisms may be modified per these Policies. The final interpretation of this agreement belongs to TruBit Pro Exchange.

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