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Abnormal Trading Regulatory Standards and Measures
Abnormal Trading Regulatory Standards and Measures
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I. Abnormal Trading Activities

  1. Self-trading. Using multiple devices or accounts to hedge, or gain trading fees, commissions, and bonuses.

  2. The total position of all associated accounts exceeds TruBit & TruBit Pro’s regulated position limit.

  3. Use associated accounts to manipulate market prices and make profits through violation activities such as counter-reverse, counter-match, and others.

  4. Use associated accounts to trade illegally and transfer funds.

  5. Use a personal account or multiple accounts to perform AB trading.

  6. High-frequency trading, illegal quantitative trading, or arbitrage trading.

  7. Abnormal convergent trading activities among multiple associated accounts.

  8. Participate in price manipulation or other malicious trading activities.

  9. Harm other users or TruBit & TruBit Pro through loopholes in TruBit & TruBit Pro products/services or other unreasonable ways.

  10. Participate in any activities that TruBit & TruBit Pro considers are harmful to the market.

II. Types & Features of Contra Trading

  1. Trade with stolen accounts: it refers to stealing other’s trading passwords and performing contra trading between self account and stolen account. Breaking market order to transfer funds.

  2. Matched trading with associated accounts: it refers to transferring funds from a consignor account to a non-restricted account by placing orders at the same price at the same time. One account “buy high, sell low” (loss), and the other “buy low, sell high” (gain).

  3. Mandatary transferring principal’s funds through matched trading: it refers to transferring funds from a mandatary account to a principal account by counterparty trading between both accounts.

  4. Definition of associated accounts: accounts with similar registration time, same registration IP, same deposit and withdrawal addresses, etc.

III. Types & Features of Wash Trading, AB Trading & High-frequency Illegal Trading

  1. Use multiple associated accounts to trade the same cryptocurrency, with the same directions, similar position sizes, similar open prices, similar close prices, at the same time period.

  2. Use a single account or multiple associated accounts to open or close positions with the same cryptocurrency, opposite directions, similar position sizes, using manual trading, or pending order (trading).

  3. Place and cancel pending orders with high frequency within the same day, which may affect the trading price or mislead other traders.

  4. Place and cancel large-amount pending orders multiple times within the same day, which may affect the trading price or mislead other traders.

  5. Use algorithmic trading to place orders, which may harm the system security of TruBit & TruBit Pro or affect normal trading order.

IV. Punishments on Users In Violation

We will...

  1. Require users to report individual trading details.

  2. Restrict, suspend, or terminate users’ access to TruBit & TruBit Pro.

  3. Restrict users to open positions. Require users to close positions within a specific time limit. Or, forcibly close users’ positions.

  4. Restrict the deposit and withdrawal features of users’ accounts.

  5. Close users’ accounts and confiscate all the remaining assets.

  6. Take other necessary measures based on TruBit & TruBit Pro’s trading rules and regulations.

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