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CyberConnect (CYBER) - Web3 social network's own cryptocurrency that allows you to create social apps

  • CyberConnect (CYBER) enables users to fully own their digital identity and interactions.

  • It works via multi-chain Web3, so it leverages the ERC-4337 network for account abstraction.

  • The CYBER cryptocurrency allows you to buy and pay within the social network called CyberID and can now be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges such as TruBit.

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What is CyberConnect (CYBER)?

CyberConnect is a Web3 social networking platform that gives creators the ability to develop social apps and networks. These applications allow users to have full control over their digital identity, content, relationships and online interactions.

It does all of this using CyberConnect V3 technology, which allows you to help users join all social experiences within the Web3, CyberConnect's core feature.

It also leverages CyberGraph technology, which is presented as a censorship-immune smart contract designed to record users' connections and social content, while integrating revenue-generating tools.

It consists of a set of smart contracts that establish links between users' identities (known as CyberAccounts), their content and connections in the social realm, making it possible to record this valuable data on various EVM-compatible blockchains.

Through CyberGraph's unique design of customizable middleware, the storage of highly relevant social information in blockchain databases is enabled. This, in turn, opens doors to a number of innovative and fundamental social networking for community building, including the possibility of tokenization and monetization.

CyberConnect (CYBER): What makes you different and why invest?

CyberConnect (CYBER) is the cryptocurrency used for payments within the social network called Cyber ID. On top of everything, holders of CyBER tokens have the ability to vote or send the right to vote to others, so the CyberConnect social networking community can weigh in on decisions within the network.

Speaking of CyberID, the social network that works with CyberProfiles technology, they are previously registered in CyberConnect V2. Just like your Instragram or Twitter username, CyberID is updated, and the CyberConnect token (CYBER) is used for purchases and acquisitions within all networks.

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