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Pendle (PENDLE) - the cryptocurrency focused on enabling trading using DeFi protocols and yield-acquisition technologies.

  • Its main objective is to tokenize users using DeFi future returns.

  • It works through a concept called 'Tokenization and futures trading', with a free market option.

  • Initially, its ecosystem was based on earning rewards, but it has gradually evolved into a specific token to trade on some cryptocurrency exchanges.

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What is Pendle (PENDLE)?

Pendle is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that focuses on enabling trading and participation in future returns of assets locked in different DeFi protocols. The token associated with this project is called Pendle (PENDLE).

The project was founded by a team of DeFi developers and enthusiasts with the goal of addressing the problem of illiquidity for assets locked in different DeFi protocols. Traditionally, when users locked their assets in DeFi protocols for returns, they were committed for a specific period and could not access those returns until the lock-in period ended. This reduced users' flexibility to manage their assets efficiently.

Pendle introduced the concept of "performance tokenization" to solve this problem. It allows users to convert future DeFi performance streams into ERC-20 tokens, known as Pendle tokens (PENDLE). These tokens represent the users' right to claim the future yields of the locked assets. In this way, users can trade these PENDLE tokens in the market, giving them more flexibility and opportunities to speculate on DeFi's future returns.

Pendle (PENDLE): What makes it different and why invest

The project was launched on the Ethereum network and was supported by the DeFi community in its early stages. As it gained traction, more users began to participate in the Pendle ecosystem by providing liquidity and staking of PENDLE tokens. In return, users could receive rewards, further encouraging adoption and growth of the project.

Here are the 4 key points about Pendle (PENDLE):

  1. Objective: Pendle aims to enable users to tokenize and trade DeFi performance futures. Instead of simply obtaining current returns on assets locked in DeFi, Pendle holders can speculate on future returns and trade these rights with other market participants.

  2. Yield Tokenization: Pendle uses a concept called "yield tokenization". This involves converting future DeFi yield streams into ERC-20 tokens that can be freely traded. For example, if you have a Pendle token that represents the future yield of an asset locked into a DeFi protocol, you can trade that token in the market without having to wait for the yields to accrue.

  3. Supported protocols: Pendle currently supports several DeFi protocols for performance tokenization, allowing users to interact with different DeFi ecosystems. Some of the supported protocols may include Aave, Compound and Yearn Finance, among others.

  4. Staking and rewards: Users can participate in the Pendle ecosystem by providing liquidity and staking of Pendle tokens. In return, they can receive rewards in the form of additional tokens or a percentage of the fees generated on the platform.

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