Massive Protocol (MAV)
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Massive Protocol (MAV) - The cryptocurrency for artists and content creators that enables the arrival of different capital.

  • It is a social platform that serves as a meeting point for content creators with a passion for digital art.

  • Massive Protocol has a cryptocurrency called (MAV), which serves as a means of payment in case content creators want to sell their creations.

  • It is currently a massive currency, as you can find it in most of the cryptocurrency exchanges, to be used in other platforms.

Key Metrics Massive Protocol (MAV)

Precio Reciente


Cap de Mercado


Suministro Circulante


Suministro Total


Suministro Máximo


What is Massive Protocol (MAV)?

Massive Protocol is a social platform that allows all creators, artists, musicians, players, celebrities, athletes or content creators to create their tokens and create a community of fans and a token economy with their content.

Due to the possible saturation of the market, Massive Protocol (MAV) has a revolutionary character, because it brings together a community that had remained alien to the cryptocurrency world in general: content creators, artists, gamers and more creatives.

The cryptocurrency was launched with a total supply of 3,000,000,000,000 MAV, of which 63% was destined to the community and was distributed using Airdrops and some Mining techniques. In addition, within this percentage, you could find that they were also used for incentives, compensation and for the communities.

Previously only 3% had been earmarked for initial liquidity, but now, most exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets already have this token listed due to its recent success in June 2023.

Massive Protocol (MAV): What makes it different and why invest?

Massive Protocol (MAV) strives to improve this by implementing automated strategies to provide liquidity. An example of such a strategy is the "righ mode". When liquidity is deposited into a pool with a low rank under this strategy, it automatically adjusts as the price rises, thus avoiding the need for constant manual updates.

This innovation, along with other strategies to incentivize pool returns, has positioned Maverick as one of the leading protocols today. In just a few months since its launch, it has become the third highest volume dex on the Ethereum network.

But far from its technical characteristics, the character of this cryptocurrency is revolutionary, as it dared to take into account various content creators who were far from the world of digital currencies, such as artists, musicians, gamers, celebrities, athletes and people in charge of making videos.

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