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MAGIC (MAGIC) - the cryptocurrency used by the Treasure Metaverse gaming community, which connects the majority of players.

  • The Treasure Metaverse game features the MAGIC token (MAGIC) that unites in-game communities.

  • MAGIC (MAGIC) is the currency for crossplay, which also connects games, players, metaverses, and, of course, communities.

  • MAGIC Tokens (MAGIC) can be earned by playing games, mining, participating in activities like Bridgeworld, and buying on cryptocurrency exchanges like TruBit.

MAGIC Key Metrics (MAGIC)

Recent Price


Market Cap


Circulating Supply

218,114,193 MAGIC

Total Supply


Maximum Supply


What is MAGIC (MAGIC)?

MAGIC (MAGIC) is the utility token that links gaming communities within the Treasure Metaverse, a decentralized NFT ecosystem located on Arbitrum, one of Ethereum's Layer 2 scalability solutions.

Treasure, the platform powered by MAGIC, was founded by three people: John Patten (Strategy), Gaarp (Growth), and Karel Vuong (Operations). Prior to Treasure's release, not much information was available about the team's experience.

Both Treasure and $MAGIC are managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) made up of 36 actively contributing community members. The DAO team includes experienced developers, product managers, economists, marketing creatives, artists, and avid gamers.

Players have the opportunity to earn MAGIC Tokens (MAGIC) by playing, mining, and participating in Bridgeworld, Treasure's main game. In addition to Bridgeworld, Treasure now has twelve other games on its platform, several of which allow you to use and generate MAGIC tokens just like in Bridgeworld. Some of these games include Beacon, a rogue-lite free-to-play fantasy action RPG, and Realm, a world-building and exploration game.

MAGIC (MAGIC): What makes it different and why invest?

MAGIC is the official currency of the Treasure ecosystem, acting as a metaverse token connecting different gaming communities. Its design seeks to make it increasingly scarce as more players join the ecosystem.

You have the chance to earn and use MAGIC tokens in Bridgeworld, Treasure's flagship game, as well as in the twelve other games available in Treasure. You can also deposit MAGIC tokens into the Atlas Mine to contribute to the governance of the Treasure platform. And now it's available in TruBit Pro.

Treasure is a community-driven project, putting small gaming communities at the center of its ecosystem. These smaller communities connect through lore, guilds, resources, and MAGIC. They can trade NFTs and collaborate using MAGIC tokens. More established communities can use MAGIC to support the development of new or emerging projects.

Treasure integrates DeFi, NFT, and gaming into its ecosystem as separate elements. MAGIC represents the digital currency used between the games, while Treasures are the NFT items in the game and Legions are the NFT characters on the platform. MAGIC Tokens allow you to turn Treasure NFTs into productive assets, and Legions help you earn Treasure NFTs and mine MAGIC Tokens.

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