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CriptoHOT arrived at TruBit!
CriptoHOT arrived at TruBit!
Written by David
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For Promotion! BUY and SELL Crypto with a Bank Transfer (Mexican users only) and you will get 0% commission, regardless of the amount of your transaction.

With TruBit Pro and TruBit you can now Buy and Sell Cryptos through Bank Transfer.

Advantages when Buying Cryptos with TruBit.

  • You can Buy from $1.00 MXN up to $56,000.00 MXN.

  • Fast and secure transactions.

  • The amount you acquire is reflected in your TruBit Pro or TruBit account immediately.

  • Make SWAP immediately with the main Cryptos.

Advantages of Selling Cryptos with TruBit.

  • You can Sell from $500 MMXN and up to $56,000.00 MXN.

  • Fast and secure transactions.

  • The amount you sell is reflected in your bank account immediately.

If you want to carry out Spot Trading, by promotion, we offer you zero commissions when operating with the MMXN pairs!

If you want to do Spot Trading you are in the best place, TruBit Pro offers you.


  • Ease of negotiation.

  • Ample transactional liquidity.

  • Total transparency in purchases and sales.

  • Less exposure to risk.

  • More than 100 pairs are available to trade.

  • multiple currencies to operate, such as USDT/BTC/MMXN.

  • Pairs are available with our stablecoin with parity to the Mexican peso, MMXN.

  • Zero commission when trading any MMXN pair (for a limited time).

Super limited time offer for TruBit Pro P2P service! We have no commissions.

BUY and SELL cryptocurrencies directly between users, without a third party or intermediary, but with the assurance that your transactions will be successful, since TruBit Pro P2P currently uses the deposit system to secure the cryptocurrencies until both parties have confirmed the transaction.


  • Access to a global marketplace of cryptocurrency buyers and sellers.

  • You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a couple of seconds.

  • Several payment methods (More than 30 payment methods available).

  • Zero commissions when trading (TruBit Pro allows traders to connect with each other and transact without paying any commission. Not all P2P merchants offer this feature, so be sure to check the terms and conditions when choosing to trade with someone else.)

  • Transactions secured by a security deposit; TruBit Pro has an escrow service that guarantees and protects transactions between buyers and sellers. (TruBit Pro holds the funds and only releases them when both parties involved meet the terms of the deal.)

EARN+ from TruBit Pro

EARN+, a product with which you can generate great returns from your savings.

  • Special Promotion: Earn 16% APY when you activate your TruBit Pro EARN+

TruBit EARN+

  • Super offer: generate up to 20% APY when you activate the GANA+ product with your TruBit App

Rewards Center

A place where we reward your passion for Cryptocurrencies.

How can I play Wheel of Fortune?

The Wheel of Fortune gives you the chance to win various spectacular prizes that are described within it. New users can get up to six chances to spin the wheel of fortune once they open their account, pass the KYC, and deposit more than 10 USDT to TruBit Pro.


Register/Get Verified

  • Sign up and get 2 spins.

  • Pass your KYC and get 2 spins.

Make an initial deposit.

  • Make a deposit of 10 USDT or more and get 2 spins.

Invite your friends to be part of TruBit Pro.

  • Invite your friends to join TruBit Pro, and both parties will get $5 USDT, 1 free spin, and share referral commissions up to 35%. (LATAM verified users will have a chance to earn more.)

Trade and Earn

  • Make your first operation in P2P buying more than 10 USDT and you will get 1 spin.

  • Make your first subscription to the EARN+ product and get 1 spin.

  • Perform the first activation of your Grid BOT and get 1 spin.

VIP attention (for operations greater than $56,000 MXN)

At TruBit Pro we want to reward your passion and loyalty. For this reason, we launched our New "VIP" Service designed for those who are interested in trading large volumes of Crypto.


  • Personalized Attention by our Team of Experts.

  • Solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Advice on how to obtain the best returns?

  • Punctual monitoring of your transactions

  • And much more.

TruBit Pro Perpetual Contracts

Trade our Perpetual Contracts and get big profits.


  • Leverage up to 125X to amplify your potential earnings.

  • Choose from 41 of the best trading pairs to suit your preferences.

  • Use USDT/BTC/ETH as margin currencies and easily liquidate your profits in these cryptocurrencies.

  • Manage your trades and minimize risk with various order types, such as limit market and stop loss.

  • Access the most popular advanced trading tools on Trading View for absolutely free.

  • Practice our paper trading feature without risking your capital.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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