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  1. What is the minimum amount that I can sell in a P2P transaction?

    There is no minimum amount to sell. The limit is placed by the merchant directly on their ad.

  2. What is the maximum amount I can buy in a P2P transaction?

    There is no limit on the amounts to trade. It just depends on what the merchant has available.

  3. How many payment methods can I add?

    • TruBit Pro has now added all major payment methods in each of our supported countries. You can easily find them and add them as your preferred payment methods. If you would like us to support another payment method that is not listed yet, feel free to ask our customer support team.

    • In this case, you can add a link that leads to another article with this information: P2P Payment Method

  4. What are the Cryptocurrencies that I can buy/sell within the TruBit Pro P2P marketplace?


  5. How can I protect myself against P2P scams?

    Our recommendation is to operate with certified merchants on the platform. Not transferring money to third party accounts is very important.

  6. Do I need to know technical analysis to make a profit?

    No, your earnings will be allocated or deposited into your account.

  7. When and how can I file an appeal?

    • When during the operation something arises that is not within the process.

    • If they ask you for personal contact information.

    • They send you a false proof of payment.

    • You have not received Crypto or the money in your account.

    • You receive offensive messages or messages not related to the operation.

    • The appeal can be raised via email or through our Live Chat.

  8. Can I use other people's bank accounts as a payment method in TruBit P2P Trading?

    The best practice is to use the same account information that matches the information registered in your TruBit account to make the payment, thus greatly reducing the risk of being scammed.

  9. How many bank accounts can I add to my payment methods?

    There is no limit; the user can add as many as he wants.

  10. What is the daily and per-order transaction limit?

    There are no daily transaction limits for now. Per order, it depends on what the Merchant can offer; however, there is no limit currently either.

  11. What is Maker's fee to post an ad?

    In TruBit Pro, there are NO maker fees for publishing ads.

  12. How many ads can I post?

    Our users can create up to 18 ads.

  13. What happens if I pay more or less?

    【Pay More】

    • You can negotiate with the seller and request a refund or an equivalent amount of digital assets.

    • If the deal fails, please provide your user ID, order number, contact information, transaction screenshot, and any other information you think is important to customer service.

    【Pay Less】

    • You can negotiate with the seller and make up the difference through the payment method provided by the seller.

    • If you have problems, please provide your user ID, order number, contact information, transaction screenshot, and any other information you think is important to customer service.

  14. How many orders can a User Buy and Sell from a merchant?

    As a user, you can only have one pending buy or sell order with the same trader. You cannot place new orders without completing the pending order with the same merchant. On the same side, the same merchant only allows one pending order. However, if you need to place multiple orders, you can place new orders with a different merchant, allowing you to have more than one pending order.

  15. As a Merchant, how many ADs can I publish?

    As a Merchant, you can publish up to 3 ADs (BUY/SELL). After publishing the ads, your available funds will be blocked. That said, we recommend you plan your strategy well to maximize the publication of your ads.

  16. What's the 24-hour withdrawal restriction for P2P transactions?

    According to the Risk Control policy, all newly purchased crypto through P2P will be restricted to withdrawal for 24 hours in case there are any appeal cases between the user and merchant. After the 24-hour risk control period ends, users will be able to withdraw that part of the fund. Please note that, even if users trade the newly deposited P2P fund to other tokens, those tokens will be restricted for withdrawal for 24 hours as well.

    If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us HERE and we'll be in touch!

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