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Increase TruBit Pro benefits by understanding various coupons and bonuses
Increase TruBit Pro benefits by understanding various coupons and bonuses
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TruBit Pro offers various coupons and bonuses to enhance user experience and offer benefits. It is essential to understand the differences between spot coupons, contract coupons, contract bonuses, and Earn+ coupons to maximize earnings and benefits while using our platform.

Spot Coupon

Spot Coupons give cashback equal to trading fees, distributed to the user's spot wallet account in USDT. They expire and have a maximum cashback equal to their value. Coupons can be used until fully redeemed or expire. Multiple coupons can be used, auto-deduct can be turned off to accumulate more.

Earn+ Coupon

Earn+ Coupons increase interest rates when subscribing to fixed-term Earn+ Products for specific cryptocurrencies. Coupons expire and maximum extra interest depends on market conditions. Users can use the coupon immediately or next time, and see the additional interest rate on the product page.

Contract Bonus

Contract Bonuses cannot be withdrawn or transferred. They are automatically added to users' Perpetual Contract portfolio account when they fulfill the requirements of Events/Activities/Campaigns and have a specific expiration date. Users can accumulate multiple bonuses to create larger trading positions.

Contract Bonus will be taken back by the system if detect user transfer out fund from Contract account before expiration to prevent illegal trades.

Contract Coupon

Contract Coupons reduce trading fees and are added to users' accounts automatically when they meet specific requirements of Events/Activities/Campaigns. They expire, but users can accumulate multiple coupons to reduce fees on larger transactions.

Contract Bonus V.S Contract Coupon

Contract Bonus

Contract Coupon

Non-refundable cash bonus

Allows users to deduct trading fees

Cannot be withdrawn or transferred

Cannot be withdrawn or transferred

Used to create many trading positions until it expires

Has a maximum value equal to its face value

Can be used for perpetual contract trading only

Deducted according to the amount of coupon owned

Deducted according to trading positions opened

Can accumulate coupons to deduct fees on bigger transactions

Can accumulate many bonuses to create larger positions

Distribution through Events/Activities/Campaigns

Distribution through Events/Activities/Campaigns

Prioritized below bonus if user has both

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