Margin Mode
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Margin refers to the minimum required balance in the account for a leverage position for a leveraged position. Specifically, starting a position requires Initial Margin and Maintenance Margin to keep the position from getting liquidated.

Depending on the trading strategy, TruBit Pro has implemented two different margin modes:

  • Isolated Margin

in this mode, the initial margin and maintenance margin is separated from the the trader's available funds in the position opening process. If the margin on a position falls below the Maintenance Margin level, the position will be liquidated, and in this case the maximum loss will be limited to the total margin of current position. However, you can still choose to increase or reduce the margin for this position.

Customize Leverage for Isolated Margin

  • Click on leverage and move the slider on "Adjust Leverage" window.

  • The further slider you move to the right, the higher leverage you will get, and the less margin will be assigned to the position.

  • Users need to pay attention that leverage changed will affect the actual liquidation price.

  • Meanwhile, you can increase or reduce the margin for one position individually, and the liquidation price will change at the same time.



  • Cross Margin

In this mode, the settlement coin of your funds in the account are utilized among all positions. Under the same Settlement Coin positions, unrealized profits can offset the unrealized loss, or as margin to open a new position. This is also called Portfolio Margin mode.

For example:

"If a user chooses BTC as margin and opens a position under cross margin mode, the assets in BTC account will be used as margin for this position. If the user has multiple positions under BTC account, any other position that has realized profit can contribute to increasing the margin on the loss position."



Additionally, under the cross margin mode, all contract positions will be closed when the liquidation is triggered.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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