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Leverage, Risk Limits and Settlement Coin
Leverage, Risk Limits and Settlement Coin
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  • Open the "Contract" menu to enter the contract trading interface.

  • On the Order Panel, click the Leverage Multiplier and adjust leverage in the the pop-up window.

Risk Limits

Since Quanto Swap perpetual contract provides up to 125 times leverage, it may cause huge losses if users use highest leverage to implement the large positions. Therefore, TruBit Pro adopts Risk Limits to mitigate potential losses by liquidations.

Risk limits are determined by the dynamic leverage principle, which states that the more volume you hold in a position, the more leverage you can apply, and you must set aside extra initial margin for new positions.

For more details about risk limits, please check Leverage and Risk Limits Chart

Settlement Coin

The settlement coin is the initial coin you choose as margin and for PnL settlement on the order panel. TruBit Pro will convert the initial token into a contract token according to the spot exchange rate, and then conduct cross-currency contract operations.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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