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TruBit Pro Perpetual Contract Advantages
TruBit Pro Perpetual Contract Advantages
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Perpetual Contract is an innovative financial derivative. Regarding trading rules, it is similar to the traditional futures contract, where investors don't need to hold the relevant asset, but can profit by predicting price movements and deciding whether to go long or short. The difference is that perpetual contracts have no expiration or settlement date, and users can hold them for an extended period.


  • No Settlement Date

The futures contracts have a predetermined settlement date, which is much like commodity and Index futures in the traditional finance world. However, perpetual contracts have no settlement date, allowing traders to hold positions for a longer period to achieve greater returns on their investments.

  • Support multiple currencies as a margin

TruBit Pro enables you to select BTC/ETH/USDT as the contract margin currency to trade all contracts across currencies. The profit and loss on your perpetual contracts will be settled in your margin currency.

For example:

"You have ETH in a contract account, and you choose ETH margin to open an LTCUSDT position on a perpetual contract. "Any profit or loss on the perpetual contract produced by the LTCUSDT position will be settled in ETH."

  • Always Anchor to the Spot Market Prices

In the mechanism of perpetual contracts, the system will weigh comprehensive factors such as the long-short trend of the contracts traded on the market every 8 hours, and calculate the funding fee, which is exchanged between the Long and Short sides, ensuring that the trading price of the contract is always anchored to the spot market price. Compared with the case where futures contracts move abnormally due to premiums, the market price anchoring mechanism of perpetual contracts is very friendly to technical analysis traders.

  • Support up to 125x maximum leverage adjustable

TruBit Pro perpetual contract provides up to 125 times leverage, allowing traders to flexibly adjust leverages according to their risk tolerance after placing an order. The platform ensures the best trading experience for traders while providing flexible risk protection.

  • Employs Auto-Deleveraging to protect the interests of traders

The Auto-Deleveraging system will sort traders' positions according to the higher profit percentage. More specifically, the system will prioritize positions with higher profit margins. By doing this, our platform can protect the trader from significant losses caused by high-risk speculators.

  • Adopt portfolio margin model for risk hedging

In cross margin mode, the system settles the profit and loss of your positions and hedges other positions you hold in the same Settlement Coin.

For example:

"If the user chooses BTC as the Settlement Coin and holds the BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT and EOSUSDT contracts, the system will hedge all positions in these three contracts and finalize the profit and loss from these three contracts in BTC."

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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