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Attention please, this event only belongs to Trubit Pro. If you passed KYC on TruBit Wallet, you will not have a chance to get 2 free spins, this reward is only given to users who passed KYC on TruBit Pro. But you can win more free spins by completing other tasks. Thank you for your understanding and good luck!

TruBit Pro Team


1. How Can I play the Fortune Wheel?

The Fortune Wheel can give you a chance to win various big prizes displayed on the wheel. If a new user registers an account, passes KYC, and deposits more than 10 USDT on Trubit Pro, they will be given up to six chances to spin the wheel. You can also complete tasks to earn extra spin wheel chances, for example, you can experience spot trading, grid trading, and P2P transactions to get more spin wheel chances.

2. How to register a TruBit Pro account?

Download and open the TruBit Pro application, click "Sign up," enter your email and password, and confirm the password. Enter the verification code from your email, and you're done.

3. How are Spot Coupons distributed and used?

The spot coupon can be activated to enjoy the corresponding cashback in an amount equal to the trading fee of the Spot each day. The cashback will be distributed to the user's spot account in USDT. Please keep in mind that the Spot Coupon has an expiration date.

4. Can I use the Earn+ Coupon to increase the interest in Trubit Pro Earn+ products?

The Earn+ Coupon can earn you extra interest when you subscribe to the Fixed-term Earn+ product. You can select your Earn+ Coupon on the Earn+ product subscription page. Please be aware that the Earn+ Coupon has an expiration date and can ONLY be used on specific coins. Earn+ Coupon will NOT work on a flexible-term product.

5. What do 10,000 MMXN * 12 rewards mean?

It means money for rent or a side hustle. If you were lucky enough to spin and get this product, you will receive 10,000 MMXN per month as an airdrop reward for the next 12 months! That's amazing extra money for you that could support paying your rent, bills, etc. Good luck!

6. When will I receive the reward after spinning the Fortune wheel?

If you spin for Coins and Coupon rewards, you will get the reward airdrop to your wallet right away. If you spin for physical rewards such as the iPhone 14 Pro or the Merch Package, you will be contacted by our customer support team and the reward will be shipped to you. The whole process will take more time for you to get them.

7. If I get the iPhone 14 Pro or the Merch package, what will happen?

Lucky you! If you spin for physical goods such as the iPhone 14 Pro or our Merch Package, our customer support team will contact you and collect your shipping address to send you the gift. Physical goods might take longer to arrive, depending on where you are located.

8. How to make a deposit in Trubit Pro?

Log into your Trubit Pro account, click "Balance" in the top right corner, and then "Wallet." And, click the "Deposit" button to the right of the coin you want to deposit. Finally, copy the deposit address or scan the deposit QR code.

9. Standard procedure for the Identity Verification Process (KYC)

Identity Verification (KYC) is a multi-step process that aids in the prevention of fraudulent account creation and use. According to the Trubit Pro User Terms, we require all customers to verify their identity to continue using our service.

10. What's Earn+ Product in Trubit Pro?

Earn+ products allow you to earn the interest rate over a set period of time. Also, you can use interest rate coupons to earn the extra interest rate within your subscription for the Earn+ product.

11. How to use Grid Trading in Trubit Pro?

Grid Trading is a strategy that automatically assists users in buying low and selling high at specific intervals. Users can enter Grid Trading on the Spot Trading page of TruBit Pro and set the bot for their Grid Trading pairs.

12. Doge prize

A 100-doge prize will be given out in a limited number of 10,000 per day. If more than the 10,000 cap of Doge prizes are drawn by users on the same day, the prize will not be awarded. Also, the prize will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis in the UTC time zone each day.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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