1. What is TruBit Pro Earn+?

- TruBit Pro Earn+ offer different products and services for customers to earn interest on crypto safely and securely

2. What is APY?

- APY is short for “Annual Percentage Yield” and indicates the interest you can earn on your principal over one year.

3. How do I move Crypto to Earn+?

- You can choose to subscribe to the flexible-term or fixed-term products and start to earn.

4. What are the risks of TruBit Pro Earn+ products?

- We're committed to trust and security. TruBit Pro has implement industry-leading security protocols across our platform to protect our users assets.

Cryptocurrency, like many assets, can be volatile and subject to price swings. There is always a risk in investing, and each customer needs to assess their own risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

5. How do I "Redeem" from Earn+ products? How long does redemption take?

- For Fixed-term projects, early redemption is not allowed this time. The actual earnings will be transferred to accounts automatically on the next day after the lockup period. For Flexible products, you can redeem your assets any time. The redeemed assets will be credited to wallet account latest at T+1 after approval.

6. Why would APY interest rates vary over time?

- APY rates varies based on the supply and demand for each cryptocurrency in the crypto markets.

7. Can my other TruBit Pro wallets also earn interest?

- No. You will only earn interest when you choose TruBit Pro Earn+ products.

8. Do I Earn Interest in Crypto?

- You will earn the interest based on the cryptocurrency you invested. For example, if you invest in Bitcoin, you will earn interest in Bitcoin. If you invest in USDT, you will earn interest in USDT. Some product may varies, you need to read the product information carefully each time.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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