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Dear Mexo users,

To support the upgrade of ETH, Mexo already suspended the top-up and withdrawal service of ETH and its tokens on September 14th, 14:00 UTC.

If a hard fork occurs and a new chain is generated, the Ethereum PoW and its forked token will be called "ETHW". If this ETHW chain persists, Mexo will assist with all technical requirements for all users holding ETH in their Mexo accounts and credit the forked token (ETHW) to qualified accounts on a 1:1 ratio. The distribution details will be announced later.

Any ETH deposits on the Ethernet network during the suspension period will not be credited to the Mexo account. If a hard fork occurs and a new chain is generated, users will not be eligible to receive any forked tokens.

Once the merge is completed and the network is stable, Mexo will reopen the deposit and withdrawal service. Please pay attention to the announcement on our website.

If you have any other questions, please also inform us in time.

Thank you for your patience and support!

Mexo Team


(Prior Mexo)

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