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TruBit Earn+ Service Agreement
TruBit Earn+ Service Agreement
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Welcome to use TruBit Earn+ Service, you must read and comply with this “TruBit Earn+ Service Agreement”. Please carefully read and fully understand the content of each term, in particular the terms with respect to exemption or limitation of liability and choose to accept them or not. You may not use the Earn+ Services unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this Agreement. Your login, check, information release or other similar acts shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to be bound by the Agreement.

I. Overview

(1.) TruBit has launched TruBit Earn+ Service, to provide TruBit users of the with idle digital asset management and value-added services. TruBit is responsible for the design, management and operation of the product;

(2.) Users must read and accept the following terms:

a.You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age when you agree to accept this Agreement and register as a User of this Platform;

b.The content of this Agreement is not subject to the laws of your country or region;

c.You shall strictly abide by TruBit Earn+ Business Rules;

If you do not agree on the above conditions, you should immediately terminate the registration or stop using the service.

(3.) The user fully understands the risks involved in digital asset investment and operates within their means when using TruBit Earn+ Service. All investment operations conducted by the user on TruBit represents his true willingness to invest and to unconditionally bear the potential risks and profit brought by his investment decisions.

II.Risk tips

(1)TruBit reserves the right to suspend and terminate TruBit Earn+ Service at any time when necessary.

(2)When using TruBit Earn+ Service, users should fully understand the risks of digital asset investment and operate cautiously.

III. Others

(1)TruBit is not liable for losses caused by the following conditions, so that you are unable to use the services, including but not limited to:

a.During the system shutdown maintenance announced on the platform website;

b.If the telecommunication equipment fails, data transmission cannot be performed;

c.Due to force majeure factors such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, blackouts, wars, terrorist attacks, etc., the system barriers of this platform cannot perform business;

d.Service interruption or delay caused by hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or seizures, technical adjustments or failures in the telecommunications sector, website upgrades, temporary closures due to government regulations, etc., which affect the normal operation of the network;

e.Losses caused by technical problems that cannot be predicted or resolved by the industry's existing technical force;

f.Losses caused to users or third parties third parties due to the third parties fault or delay.

(2)The abnormal transactions, market interruption, and other possible abnormal situations caused by unexpected factors such as the system failure, network reasons, DDos and other hacker attacks, which TruBit will cancel the executed transactions, or roll back all the data of a certain period of time.

(3)Users shall comply with the relevant AML/CTF laws and regulations to ensure that the sources of assets are legitimate and compliant when using TruBit Earn+ Service.

(4)This Agreement shall also include the regulations and specifications, rules or regulations of TruBit, and TruBit may publish other agreements or regulations related to this service from time to time:

a.Once any of such contents is officially published, it constitutes an integral part of this Agreement, with which you should also comply. In case of any conflict between the above contents and this Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail.

b.Our registration or use of any service under this agreement shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to be bound by the Agreement.

c. TruBit reserves the right to modify this Agreement or the above contents if necessary. If the user continues to use the Service after the relevant contents are changed, the user shall be deemed to have accepted the modified relevant contents.

d.If users do not accept the modified content, they should stop using the relevant services or the service can be suspended or canceled by TruBit.

(5)The formation, validity, interpretation, execution and settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the British Virgin Islands.

(6)Any dispute or dispute between the User and the TruBit shall first be settled through friendly negotiation. If negotiations fail, both parties agree to refer the dispute or dispute to a court of competent jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands region for settlement.

IV. The headings of this Agreement are for convenience only and do not affect the total or partial interpretation of this Agreement.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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