To reward our very first users, Mexo will have a Early Bird Referral Promotion from Aug 20,2020 to Sept 6, 2020. Users join and refer friends to Mexo during this time frame will enjoy a promotional referral rebate rate of up to 30%.

If you invite more than 3 friends during this time frame, we will offer an additional bonus for you! Please check the event page of Invite friends and share 1 Million Peso bonus! to find out the details.

Please feel free to invite friends to join Mexo and enjoy the rewards!

How it works:

1. Invite Friends

Send a referral link/ code/ poster to your friends to invite them to join Mexo.

2. Friends Sign up

Friends sign up on Mexo through your referral link/ code/ poster.

3. Earn Crypto

You will receive up to 30% transaction fee rebate when your friends and their invitees trade.


1. All Mexo users are eligible to participate and there is no cap for trading fee rebates.

2. All invites in Mexo will receive 20% of the trading fees rebate from direct invitees and 10% of the trading fees rebate from indirect invitees.

E.g. if User A invites User B, User B invites User C, and User B generated 100 USDT trading fees and User C generated 200 USDT trading fees. User A will earn the 20% trading fee rebate from User B (100USDT*20%=20 USDT rebate) and 10% trading fee rebate from User C (200USDT *10% = 20 USDT rebate).

3. Invitation relationship will keep after the promotion ends.

4.Invitation trading rebate is valid for one calendar year since the registration of invitees.


1. All rebates are the exact digital assets traded.

2. Daily Settlement

  • Invites: The number of invitations will be updated lively;

  • Computation: The trading fee rebate computation will be done in daily basis;

  • Payment: The trading fee payment will be done by the end of next working day;

3. Users will not receive any rebate if they violate Mexo’s corresponding risk control rules.

4. Restricted activities include but not limited to, self-inviting, redirecting from phishing Mexo websites/social media accounts, posting referral links as ads on search engines, etc. Once such activity has been detected, all referrals will be canceled and all referral commission kickbacks for the invitee’s accounts will be canceled.

(Prior Mexo)

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