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Requirements to Join Ambassador Program

1. You are a crypto lover and expert who has your own crypto community;

2. Your community has a good engagement rate;

3. You are willing to put time and efforts in managing and developing your community and bring users to Mexo;

4. You are willing to promote Mexo and its promotional events in your community;

* If you think you are the person as described above, please click the link to fill in the application for Mexo Ambassador Program. Once you are approved, you are able to enjoy the following benefits.

Mexo Ambassador Program Benefits

1. Enjoy VIP transaction fee

Ambassadors will enjoy VIP Level 1 transaction fee automatically once they join the program.

* If your monthly trading volume is more than 2,000 BTC or you are any level of VIP of other platforms, please contact us, we will provide bespoke service for VIP clients.

2. Earn daily commision up to 35%

* We don’t require holding any type of tokens

* Commissions are settled DAILY

* For more details, please refer to our referral program.

* Easy-to-use CRM system to help you track each rebate record.

3. Sponsorship opportunities

Mexo has a bonus pool to sponsor your events to help you grow your community, e.g. offline meetup sponsorship, discount on transaction fee, airdrop, community workshop rewards, etc.

Opportunity to have exposure in international and national media.

4. Mexo Ambassador Club

Mexo will hold web seminars for ambassadors to share their experience;

Mexo will hold ambassador gatherings for the very best ambassadors;

Mexo gives the voting rights for token listing;

Mexo provides ambassadors with free training opportunities with top traders in the world.

5. Priority to access Mexo’s new products and functions

You will have priority to test Mexo's new product and trading features before the official release.

Your advice is VALUABLE for us! You will have direct access to Mexo product and development team.

You will be invited to events held by Mexo.

Mexo team also regularly schedule calls with ambassadors to keep you up-to-date with Mexo news.

6. Opportunity to join Mexo team

Each year, the ambassador that has the best performance

will have the OPPORTUNITY to join Mexo team!

* Mexo reserves the right of final explanation for Mexo Ambassador Program.

(Prior Mexo)

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