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Dear Mexo Users,

Polkadot is live. In Mexo. To celebrate this amazing new listing we are launching a special campaign for all Mexo users and Polkadot supporters. Participate and share 22,000 Pesos in our DOT Prize Pool.

Promo 1:

Ask Mexo Anything (and win)

Watch DOT AMA, win 20 USDT in DOT.

During the DOT AMA, we will pick 5 lucky audience to give out 20 USDT in DOT per person.

Time: 9/2 8pm CST, 2020


Promo 2:

Let’s dance Polka. Trade and win 10 USDT in DOT

From 9/2/2020 to 9/8/2020, users whose DOT trading volume exceeds 40 DOT will enter DOT lucky airdrop. We will pick 50 lucky winners, each winner can get a 10 USDT equivalent DOT airdrop.

Time: 9/2-9/8, 2020


Promo 3:

Share our DOT Listing Event Poster, and get 2 USDT in DOT

Users who share our DOT event poster on Twitter/Facebook and/or Telegram, could win 2 USDT in DOT airdrop. Total airdrop amount is 400 USDT in DOT. Users need to submit applications through the Google application form. The event is based on a first come first serve basis.

Time: 9/2-9/8, 2020



The total amount in airdrops is 400 USDT in DOT. Users must submit their requests through the Google form. The dynamic is based on the first come, first serve rule.

  1. Follow Mexo (spanish) Twitter and Facebook account, reweet and share the event post and -at least- 3 of your friends.

  2. Users share poster in any crypto community with over 100 people on Telegram and Facebook group.

  3. Users complete either 1 or 2 could win the airdrop.

MEXO.io Team

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