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Recently, due to the heat of the market, many users ask us how to purchase Crypto. With the help of Mexo P2P product and QuickBuy with Latamex, Mexo users now can buy and sell cryptocurrency easily with multiple fiat currencies such as Mexico Peso (MXN), Argentina Peso (ARS) and Brazil Real (BRL). We specially prepared an event for all the users to participate and share a $10,000 prize pool.

Activity Duration:

Nov 25, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020


  1. If you deposit or buy cryptocurrency with Fiat greater than 2000 Mexico Pesos or 8000 Argentina Pesos (equivalent to or greater than $100 Dollar), and your deposit stays with your Mexo account over 30 days, you will get a $5 USDT refund. Want the reward sooner? You can accumulate over $1,000 transaction volume during the activity period, and you can unlock the reward before 30 days.

  2. If you deposit or buy cryptocurrency with Fiat greater than 2,000 Mexico Pesos or 8,000 Argentina Pesos (equivalent to or greater than $100 Dollar) and your total transaction volume during the activity period greater than equivalent $5,000 USDT you will get a $10 USDT refund.

We have a total of $10,000 USDT refund prize for this event, first come first served while supplies last!

Currently, users can use these three channels to participate in this activity:

Deposit: If you have cryptocurrency from other exchanges, you can transfer them and deposit to Mexo to enjoy the benefits and participate in other activities Mexo has!

1) How to Deposit:

2) QuickBuy - Latamex:

Buy Cryptocurrencies with Latamex in Mexo

3) Mexo P2P Channel:

P2P Trading - How to buy digital assets?

Event Terms:

  1. Both New and Old users all can participate in this event.

  2. Both Buy and Sell activity will be counted on your transaction volume. You can trade any Coins or Perpetual contracts to accumulate your transaction volume. You need to complete the transaction volume count before activity ends, otherwise it won’t be counted.

  3. The prize in USDT will be credited to the user’s wallet within 7-14 business days after we validated the transaction.

  4. Deposit or Buy with Fiat activity only counts USDT, TUSD, BTC and ETH in users' accounts.

  5. Each user will only have one chance to get the refund.

  6. Mexo reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion rules at our sole discretion.

  7. Mexo reserves the right of final explanation of the event.

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