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Dear users,

Since the volatility and price change of Reef token, there are some changes required for the minimum trade amount for REEF/USDT trading pairs need to be made which might affected the Grid Bot you are running for Reef pair.

Please check if you have an opened Grid Bot on REEF/USDT trading pair. If your per grid order is less than 333 Reef, then it’s possible that your bot got affected by this change and won’t be able to make transactions anymore. We suggest you to close the current bot by yourself before 02/28/2021 10pm CST. Otherwise, if you don’t know whether you bot is qualified or didn’t close it on time, our system will help you close your REEF/USDT bot that’s not working on behave of you.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Mexo Team

(Prior Mexo)

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