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Dear Mexo user:

Since the net value of the leveraged ETF products BTC3S, ETH3S and IOST3S has been less than or close to 0.050 USDT, the mechanism of consolidation of shares of ETF products of Mexo has been activated.

We will merge the shares of the BTC3S, ETH3S and IOST3S leveraged ETF products around 5:00 am on April 14, 2021, which will affect the number of the user's ETF holdings and the net worth of the unit, but will not affect the total value of the user's holdings. (without considering changes in the net value caused by fluctuations in the underlying price during the operation). The specific operating rules are as follows:

1) The share of BTC3S, ETH3S and IOST3S products will be merged by 20: 1, and the user's holdings will be reduced to 1/20 of the previous one, and the unit net value will increase 20 times;
2) Before the merger of shares, the market transactions of the corresponding product will be suspended and all orders in transit in the market will be canceled;
3) After the merger of the shares, the corresponding product market will be reopened for trading. The reboot is expected to complete in about 30 minutes. Note that once the market recovers, the market price will change significantly according to the net value of the new unit. Pay attention to price changes when placing an order;
4) After the stock merge, the data on the K line will jump due to price changes.

Mexo team
April 14, 2021

(Prior Mexo)

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