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Dear Users,

In order to provide more token choices and a better trading experience for our users. Mexo will list ANT/USDT and ANC/USDT trading pairs at 8:00 PM, April 21th, 2021 (CST)

ANT Deposits and withdrawals will be available at 8 p.m.

ANC trading only.

Here you can find more info about these projects

Aragon (ANT)

Aragon (ANT) is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum network that offers a modularized way to create and manage dApps, cryptoprotocols, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). The ANT ERC-20 token will enable its holders to govern the Aragon Network.

The project is led by Luis Cuende, who was featured on the 'Forbes 30 under 30' category in 'Technology’.

Anchor (ANC), a savings protocol on the Terra blockchain powered by a money market that is collateralized by tokenized stakes (bAssets). The protocol defines the Anchor Rate, derived from the yield of the market’s highest-demand PoS assets, as the blockchain economy’s interest rate benchmark. Anchor utilizes the block rewards of bAssets to offer depositors a stable return equal to the Anchor Rate. We believe that Anchor’s simplicity and robustness make it a fitting answer to the search for a household savings product powered by cryptocurrency.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Mexo Team

April 21th, 2021

(Prior Mexo)

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