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Dear Mexo Users,

We are excited! New products, services and improvements to Mexo, the most complete platform in Latin America, are yet to come to provide a better service to its users and community.

We have started work on a big update that will include:

  • New products for holders

  • Adding more countries and currencies for our P2P market

  • A renewed and more complete academy

  • Improvements in the performance of the Mexo App

  • MMXN easier and faster to acquire

We know that it is not an easy task and we have set ourselves the goal of having everything ready for you before the end of the year, so we have started a revision maintenance to update our platform and carry out this crucial update with which we can provide a better experience to our users. We know that they will be uncomfortable but you can be sure that Mexo will always maintain the commitment to protect the assets of its users and we will do our best to guarantee the fluidity of this update.

We evaluate and review each cryptocurrency or token we listed to ensure it meets the standard we expect. When certain token didn’t meet the standard for their liquidity, trading volume or token holding users on the platform, we will potentially delist them. We believe it’s a way to best protect our users.

Based on our recent evaluation, we have decided to delist and stop trading on these following tokens at November 13, 2021:

Delist Spot Trading Token and Pairs:





Please note that:

  1. For affected Spot Trading pairs,If use still have those token positions before we delisted them, then our system will automatically sell your token position to USDT at the market price.

We will take a screenshot of users balance and order on 2021-11-13 00:00 AM (CST). For those affected users, we will airdrop $5 USDT for each affected Spot trading user.

We greatly appreciate your continued support for Mexo and with this overhaul upgrade, we will make the Mexo community even stronger than ever before. We will work harder in our quest of delivering the best, safest trading experience for our users. Please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 customer support if you have further queries.

We would also like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and especially to those who will be affected during this crucial upgrade period, and thank you very much for your support and understanding in advance!

The Mexo Team


(Prior Mexo)

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