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Experience Mexo Earn+ Fixed-Term-7 Days Product and enjoy 16% APY

In the era of cryptocurrency, Mexo Earn+ offers high-interest rates on its Earn+ products for users to earn extra yield with their crypto holdings. Mexo Earn+ provides popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, or MMXN on Mexo Web & App to optimize the utility of your assets.

Fixed-term products are great choices for optimizing interest returns of crypto assets with minimal risk. Try Mexo Earn+ now! (https://www.mexo.io/earn ) Let's explore the wonderful cryptocurrency world and catch up on the big trend in the future together.

Event Duration:

This event will be a Long-Term event and apply to all First-Time users using the Mexo Earn+ Fixed Term 7-day product, we will make a special announcement when this event will end.

First-Time Users Only






Fixed - 7DAY

Fixed Term Earn+ product means that your subscribed assets can only be redeemed after the expiration of a fixed period.





Note: **First-time bonus will automatically apply to all first-time users experience Mexo Earn+ fixed 7 day products. Users will get the interest on the product showing page and the extra interest reward will be airdrop to each qualified first-time user's account at the beginning of next month.

For example:

A is a first time user participated in a 6% USDT Fixed-Term 7 day product, A will receive a 6% APY yield after the 7 day ends. Since we have 16% promotion for first-time users trying out our 7 day fixed earn product, the rest of 10% APY will airdrop to the user's account at the beginning of next month.

Event Terms

  1. **16% APY reward only applies for the FIRST 7Day fixed-term product user chooses.

  2. Mexo reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion rules at our sole discretion.

  3. Mexo reserves the right to the final explanation of the event.

(Prior Mexo)

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