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Dear Users,

TruBit Pro has now launched a VIP Program for our users. In order to more effectively strengthen the ties between VIP users and our core business, improve service, and maintain rate competitiveness, we will provide special tiered fee rates to all VIP and potential VIP users. You can show us your trading columns or positions on competing exchanges, and we will offer you a better rate if you traded similar volume on TruBit Pro.

You are a VIP wherever you are, and TruBit Pro will treasure you more!

VIP Requirement:

  • Traders

VIPs at other platforms that have large trading volumes, can enjoy the VIP rights of TruBit Pro's equivalent VIP for at least 30 days;

  • Total Assets:

VIPs on other platforms that have large holding positions can also enjoy the VIP rights of TruBit Pro's equivalent VIP for at least 30 days;

VIP exclusive rights description:

1. Special transaction fee rates: lower rates;

2. API frequency limitation upgrade: provide an extremely fast trading experience;

3. Increase the withdrawal amount and speed: get more trading opportunities;

4. Exclusive VIP account manager and hotline, 7x24-hour fast response throughout the year;

5. Exclusive club membership: enjoy in-depth communication with other high-end VIPs;

6. Holiday courtesies: warm greetings and regards are prepared;

7. Birthday courtesies: this special day is only for you;

8. Exclusive Industry Report: to understand industry trends;

9. Annual dining events: participate in private dining events, VIP exclusive events;

10. TruBit Pro Market Conference invitation

11. VIP meetings: offline meetings for the first time to learn about the platform's plans and new product launches;

12. Exclusive marketing assistance: multi-channel support for joint business development and content collaboration.

Please note:

1. VIPs must provide valid VIP proof from other platforms; additionally, trading users must provide transaction screenshots from the previous 30 days.

2. For the users who hold a large position, it's necessary to provide their VIP proof and hold a position of more than 30 BTC in their TruBit Pro account;

3. VIPs need to fill out the application, they may enjoy relevant privileges immediately after the application's success.;

4. The new VIP can enjoy the privileges "from the application date to the end of the next month." After the trial ends, their VIP level will be reviewed once a month according to the TruBit Pro VIP rating standard. Those who fail to meet the standard may be downgraded or withdrawn; for example, if they apply on September 10th for the TruBit Pro VIP program, the VIP trial period is from September 10th to October 30th.

5. TruBit Pro reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion rules at our sole discretion.

Please click to apply; after you have applied successfully, your personal VIP manager will contact you shortly.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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