If you encounter this problem on Mexo P2P Trading platform, please check the following first:

  1. Re-confirm if the information you filled is exactly the same as what the order details displayed.

  2. If you used bank card as your payment method, please confirm whether the payment will be made instantly.

  3. Please contact your bank or payment institution to check whether their system is under maintenance or if there’s any other issue on their end.

  4. If there’s still a problem, please click “SUBMIT AN APPEAL” with the following 2 steps:

Step 1:

  1. Click “Submit An Appeal” button at the bottom of the transaction order page.

  2. Select appeal category and describe the appeal.

  3. Click “Submit” button. It will show “your complaint is under review” if submit successfully.

Step 2:

  1. After step 1, click top right corner button. Proceed to submit a request, please select “P2P-Trading Issue or Appeal” as the category.

  2. Please upload the proof of your complaint and describe the appeal, click “Submit”.

  3. After complete the above process, please be patient for customer service to review.

(Prior Mexo)

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