While trading on the Mexo P2P Trading platform, we support two types of price setting:

  • Fixed Price:The fixed price is the exact price at which the merchant want to buy or sell the digital asset.

  • Floating Price:The floating price is a premium ratio that sets a certain range with reference to the price of a certain currency. The premium range is set to: 80%-120%.

Reminder: To maintain a friendly trading environment, we recommend you to set a price not exceeding 5% of the market price.

1. Open “ mexo.io ”, click “Log in”.

2. After logging into your Mexo account, select the “Buy Crypto” button at the top of the homepage.

3. On Buy Crypto page click “Publish ADs”.

4. To set a fixed price: On the Publish Advertisement page, do not check “Floating Price” (as default), and fill in your own buy/sell price. As shown in the example below, the price to purchase USDT is: 0.99 USD.

5. How to set the floating price: On the Publish Advertisement page, check "Floating Price" and set the premium ratio. The premium range is 80%-120% (note that there is already a percentage symbol). As shown in the example below, premium ratio is set to 110%.


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