1. Open “ mexo.io ”, click on “Log in”.

2. After logging into your Mexo account, select the “Buy Crypto” button at the top of the homepage.

  1. Currency Type:Choose the type of currency you want to buy or sell to switch to that page. (USDT、BTC、ETH)

  2. Publish ADs:If none of the existing ads fit your need, you can publish your own buy or sell ads. You can view Live AD and History AD below this page.

  3. Order:You can search all your P2P Trading order history on this page.

  4. Set Fiat P2P Trading Account:Set your personal information, including Trade Name, Trade Code, KYC Verification, and Payment Methods.

  5. I WANT TO BUY / I WANT TO SELL:You can switch to different pages based on the sides.

  6. Payment Methods:You can filter the trading counter-party by payment method.

  7. Trade List:To search all P2P Trading ads. You can find the following information: Trade Name, Payment Methods, Balance Amount, Limit, and Unit Price. Click the “BUY” or “SELL” button if you want to trade with one of them.


(Prior Mexo)

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