Perpetual Contracts are settled daily at 07:00, 15:00, and 23:00 (UTC-5). At the designated time, the funds will be exchanged between the long and short parties, and the settlement will be completed. The settlement will reset your realized PnL, and your previous unrealized PnL will become your realized PnL.

Funding Rate:

  • The system will calculate the funding amount, and this will be exchanged between the two sides of traders. You can see the changes in your balance.

  • The specific rules of how the funding rate is charged will be discussed in the "Funding Rate Calculation" Section.

  • Position value has nothing to do with leverage. For example, if your position has 100 contracts, the funding will be charged based on the notional value of these contracts instead of how much margin you put aside for the position.

If we think there is a lot of index movement induced by market manipulation or abnormality, we might extend or advance the settlement time. Please pay close attention to the announcement page for detailed information.

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