1.What is order management?

You can find all your orders under "Order History." All orders can be canceled in "Open Orders" before they are executed.

The "margin" only includes the amount required for the unfilled orders, while the "Fee" only includes the fee required for the filled orders.

2.Order Type

  • Limit Order: Order with a set price and quantity.

  • Market Order: Order with a set quantity. Market orders will be executed at a price that is 1 ± x% (adjusted based on market conditions) of the last price. If the order is not immediately executed, it will be cancelled.

  • Opponent Price: Order with a set quantity and the other side’s best bid/ask price. If the order quantity is greater than the opposing side’s best bid/ask quantity, then only part of the order will be executed, the rest will be left on the orderbook.

  • Queue Price: Order with a set quantity and the same side’s best bid/ask price.

  • Over Price: Order with a set quantity and the other side’s best bid/ask price ± x (adjusted based on market condition).

3.How to place an order

Open Long: Buy to open a long position, you will profit from upward trends.

Open Short: Sell to an open short position, you will profit from downward trends.

Close Long: Sell to close the previous long position.

Close Short: Buy to close the previous short position.

4.Stop-Limit Orders

When the market price reaches the trigger price, the order will be in effect.


Suppose BTC is trading at 10000 USD, The user puts down a stop-limit order with a 9500 USD trigger price and a 9450 USD order price, the order quantity is 100. When BTC's price declines to 9500, this order will be in effect and appear on the orderbook as a limit order.

5.Order Conditions

  • Good Till Cancelled: The order is effective until it is cancelled.

  • Fill or Kill: The full order will be filled, or else the order will be cancelled.

  • Immediate or Cancel: The order will be filled immediately; the rest will be cancelled.

  • Post-only: Your order will not be executed immediately. If your order is executed upon entry, this order will be cancelled.

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