To ensure the spot index price accurately reflects the spot market price of each token, we have carefully selected the market prices of 3 or more major exchanges as the weighted index constituents for each token. Measures are introduced to handle abnormal situations.

Spot Index Constituents


Index Update Rules:

  • If an exchange data source stops updating or is inactive for a long duration, we will temporarily remove it from index calculation until it starts updating data again.

  • The number of active exchanges (deduced from a):
    (1) >=3 exchanges, weighted average index price of these active exchange prices ( If an exchange's price deviates by 3% or more from all exchanges' median, then this exchange's price will be the median * 1.03 or median * 0.97)
    (2) =2 exchanges, average of prices
    (3) =1 exchange, that exchange price.

  • For XXX/BTC trading pairs in the index components, it will be multiplied by the Mexo BTC index and calculated.

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