What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security process where the user provides two different authentications to verify their account.

In this way, credentials and assets can be protected more effectively. 2FA includes email verification, phone verification, and Google Authenticator (GA) verification.

How to activate Phone Verification?

  1. Login to your TruBit Pro session.

  2. Once inside your session, locate the "User Center" button.

  3. Click on the "Security" option.

  4. Next, you will be directed to the user security page where we display the Security Features.

  5. Within the Phone Verification option, click the Bind button.

  6. Next, enter the requested information (Select your country code, Enter your phone number).

  7. Click the Send button at the Phone verification code section (the system will obtain a 6-digit code through an SMS, which you must enter; remember that this code expires in a maximum of 10 minutes).

  8. Click the Send button at the Email verification code section (the system will send a 6-digit code to the registered email, which you must enter; remember that this code expires in a maximum of 10 minutes).

  9. Once you have entered the code, you must click the Confirm button.

How to activate Google Authenticator Verification?

  1. Within the same Security section, click the "Bind" button of the Google Authentication option.

  2. Immediately a pop-up window will open where it will indicate the instructions to follow to install the app.

  3. Enter the Google Authenticator Code that you generated through the app previously installed on your device.

  4. You will need to generate an email Validation Code, click the "Send" button to get the code in your email.

  5. Click the Confirm button.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the TruBit Team via our chat channel or email us Here and we'll be in touch!

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